Who I help

My clients come from all sectors including the visual arts, film, music and literature and include major collecting and academic institutions as well as commercial arts businesses, non-profits and individual creatives.


Visual Art and Design

My clients are artists, sculptors, photographers, galleries, collecting institutions, graphic designers, web designers, game designers, set and costume designers, participants in the fashion industry and multimedia artists.

Public Art Projects

Creating a stimulating cultural landscape publicly accessible by contemporary Australian communities takes a special set of skills, energy and drive. I advise arts organizations, councils, funding organizations, building companies and architects as well as artists creating permanent and ephemeral public artworks and cultural experiences.

Film, Television and Games

No other creative industry brings together such a cross section of participants to deliver one project – producers, directors, writers, actors, the creative teams and crew supporting them, distributors and exhibitors. I have over a decade of experience advising low and no budget filmmakers and underlying rights holders.


The music industry has responded to the challenges and opportunities of digital platforms with a voracious appetite. The legal issues around ownership, royalties and distribution have become correspondingly complex. Several years as a founding member of APRA’s Dispute Resolution Committee has given me a deep understanding of the issues facing musicians and music licensees.  I advise writers, performers, publishers, managers, independent labels, live music venues, and music licensees. Whether you write or perform, or want to use live or recorded music in your project or event, I can help you.

Writing and Publishing

Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, lyrics, dramatic works, works for the big screen or the personal device, I can help you extract value and protect it. Do you write for your employer or as a contractor? As an academic or translator? Does your business license or commission writers? Are you a publisher or blogger? Do you write educational materials or design and deliver workshops?

Festivals and Competitions

Festivals and competitions are events designed to run within a specific timeframe and then be repeated, a formula which generates its own particular issues and challenges. My clients include those running competitions and also competition entrants seeking advice on their rights. I advise festivals, festival directors and artists or groups performing or presenting work at festivals or commissioned to develop new work. Six years involved in the management of the Art Month Sydney festival gives me a unique understanding of the intricacies of festival production.

Arts Organisations

I understand firsthand the operating and funding environment facing Australia’s arts organizations.  My clients include companies, non-profits, co-operatives, community associations and artist-run-initiatives (ARIs). They can be public collecting institutions, commercial galleries, dance and theatrical groups, choirs and peak bodies. They may work with Australia’s most discerning consumers of culture or be dedicated to using the arts to invigorate Australia’s most disadvantaged communities.

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